The Master's Church

what to expect

We are thrilled that you are visiting our website and want to know what to expect if you come and visit us. We understand that visiting a new church plant can be intimidating. However, we at The Master’s Church promise a warm sincere welcome from people just like you. We highly value our visitors and welcome you as an honored guest!

Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
- 1 Corinthians 10:31


We meet for Church Worship at Taylored Venue & Events at 115 Shelby Street in downtown Kingsport. There is plenty of parking on the street right in front of the building as well as two adjacent parking lots across the street. 

Sunday Morning Bible Study begins at 9:30 am (Study on the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit)

Sunday Worship Service begins at 10:30 am (Verse by verse through 1 Corinthians)

The Master’s Church is an Elder-Led Church. We acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church. Under Christ’s authority God has ordained a plurality of Elders to shepherd the Church. The Council of Elders are responsible for spiritual oversight, for leading and governing, teaching the Word, prayer, and providing pastoral care to the congregation.

Once the service is over, please feel free to hang out and meet with people. You will typically find people hanging around for a while, fellowshipping with one another. The Pastor and Elders would love the opportunity to greet and chat with you for a few minutes. (Click here to meet our Elders)

We strongly believe in Expository Preaching, that means that we preach from the Bible and allow God to be heard. Preaching in an expositional fashion allows the biblical text to shape the topic of the sermon. Consecutive verse-by-verse preaching through books of the Bible is paramount in creating a biblical church that produces biblically minded believers. We desire that our congregation discovers God’s eternal truth for their lives today and that they grow in their spiritual walk with Christ. The Bible is always relevant and life changing so we are consistent in teaching God’s Word. (Click here to hear the latest sermons) 

Our music is God-centered with its main purpose being to glorify God. We strive to exalt and magnify the Lord Jesus Christ by singing songs that contain lyrics that are biblically accurate. Because our goal is God-glorifying, every song focuses on the Triune God of Scripture and keeps the attention off of anyone else. While we have a Music Leader, our worship music is corporately aimed. The entire congregation is encouraged to sing Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to Almighty God. (Click here to see our Worship Philosophy)

We welcome your entire family to join the church in the sanctuary for the Worship Service. Kids sit with their parents during our service. We do provide a nursery where your infant or toddler will be cared for by two loving ladies. Moms who keep their babies and toddlers with them in the service have a designated area to go if they need to step out.

We do not pass an offering plate, instead we have two offering boxes at designated spots in our sanctuary. We encourage those who call The Master’s Church their home to give regularly, sacrificially and joyfully in order that God can work out His providential purposes in and through us. There are methods you can give online also. (Click here to give online)

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